Abundance and Impermanence

I used to believe that abundance was quantifiable. That I could somehow define it, achieve it, carry it with me.

I have recently realized that a field of grass is as abundant as any amount of money or resources. The infinite complexity of nature that surrounds us provides more abundance than any mind can map, measure, or understand.

Abundance awareness acknowledges that there is no end to the availability of beauty and resource. Scarcity is a story and an illusion, perhaps born out of fear of death. Yet death in the form of impermanence weaves poetically and symbiotically with abundance through time and space.

Abundance and impermanence somehow depend on one another. There can only be abundance if reality flows between coming and going; life and death. For without some sense of life and death there would be no sense of more than enough. And there can only be impermanence if there is abundance. Without abundance, impermanence would make quick work of this world. If there were not more than enough, then there would have nothing left long ago.

How could embracing both abundance and impermanence bring wisdom to your life?