Conditioned Mind

Habits. Programming. Behavior patterns. Cycles of activity. These are all ways of describing what I've been recently calling my “Conditioned Mind”. Some people personalize this aspect of themselves, calling it the “Maximizer”, “Task Master”, “Automatic Self”, or even “Possessed Self”.

My Conditioned Mind has been hard at work for years determining course of action based on environmental rewards and punishments. It can be very useful for task completion, but not so useful for self-engagement, authenticity, or awareness.

I have discovered that my Conditioned Mind seems to feel quite anxious most of the time. There is a sense of “must”, “have to”, and “need to” that comes from a place of scarcity. It has felt odd, but liberating, to check in with this anxious feeling and let it pass instead of indulging it's orders with activity.

What is the emotional tone of your Conditioned Mind?