Emotional sobriety

For most of my life emotions were intimating to me. Years ago I learned the term “emotional sobriety”, which resonated with my desire to manage my emotions. I distorted the meaning to justify my avoidance of deep emotional work. I started running a story that if I avoid the “intoxicant” of emotions then I stay sober.

But now I am discovering that my emotions are not designed to be managed. They are made to be listened to and integrated into my being.

My strategy for emotional safety used to be to avoid emotions, and now it has shifted to seeking to embrace them. It is a challenge and an ongoing practice, especially for more intense emotions associated with pain and difficulty.

I am seeking to experience my full truth and know I am safe in the present moment.

What would it mean for you to be emotionally sober?

Can such sobriety include the power of emotions themselves?