Expanding your emotional center

Like many people, especially as a man raised in the USA, I grew up believing that emotions made me weak.

I have always wanted to live in peace. For decades I believed that strong feelings of sadness, fear, anger, guilt, shame, or even happiness would pull me away from my center, peace, and self.

In the past year external factors have pushed me to experience emotions more fully than ever before. I have consistently feared that such feelings would take me away from a sense of centeredness and peace. The experience has been terrifying.

Yet each time I allow myself to feel fully I find my peaceful center expanding. Like a muscle, my capacity to hold space for my feelings grows stronger with each moment of authentic emotional opening.

Over time I have learned that my emotions lead me more authentically to myself. A deeper and more profound center of peace has been painfully excavated by feelings of sadness, fear, anger, guilt, and shame.

Are you willing to let your emotional center expand, even if it means facing the full force of your emotional experience?