Love stories

Growing up I heard many love stories, and most of them were about romance. Two people find one another somehow, perhaps encounter some difficulty, and eventually end up finding fulfillment in their emotional relationship with one another.

In becoming a father to a little human, I've realized that the love she and I share is more powerful than any romantic relationship I've ever had. Moreover, the commitment for a lifetime of love and dedication is effortless and infallible. I will always be her father, and she will always be my child.

This context of love has reminded and invited me to appreciate my own parents in ways I never have before. Their love has sometimes been shared in ways I would not have chosen, but nonetheless they have been, and always will be, my parents.

Feeling deeper into this unconditional love, I realize that I have a relationship with myself that I can choose to live out of love. I am me. I always have been and always will be. Talk about commitment!

What non-romantic love (familial, paternal, maternal, or otherwise) in your life might be worthy of a story book?