Order and purpose

Life has a certain order to it. In the morning I see a sunrise. In the evening I see a sunset. Sometimes the clouds get in the way of my view, and their rain brings water to the earth.

For this order to exist, each interconnected aspect serves some purpose. Sunlight brings energy. Nature provides sustenance. Etc. Etc.

As a human, I can find, make, and describe meaning, order, and purpose in myriad ways. The confusion of so many descriptions and stories has long clouded my awareness from seeing this simple 2 part truth:

  1. My life exists within some form of order, and I have the ability to create meaning; therefore purpose is available to me if I choose it.
  2. My role in this life is never fully under my control nor fully comprehensible by my human mind, thus I will never fully understand my purpose.

Once you accept that you have an purpose beyond your understanding, would you be willing to spend a lifetime embodying and seeking that which you were made to be?

I'm down. Care to join me?