Personal Values

I generally hold certain values near to my heart and mind. The list sometimes shifts; but generally they are curiosity, love, faith, authenticity, and abundance.

I've learned over time that some values I hold because they are natural to my being, while others I hold because I'm afraid I might lose them, and others I hold because I feel they are lacking.

Here is where my values currently stand in that sense: Curiosity – natural to me overall but I want more passion and energy behind it Love – present with my immediate family, but I want more intimacy in my life Faith – mine has never been stronger, in part due to recent life struggles Authenticity – I believe this is an area of natural strength for me Abundance – this is my newest, and least developed value

Abundance used to be important to me simply out of fear of its opposite, scarcity. But when I hold a value out of fear of its opposite I'm not holding much of anything but the fear itself.

Are any of your values rooted in fear? Which values are most natural to you and which are growth areas?