I used to believe I was looking for just a couple abstract attributes like intelligence, passion, and abundance in relationships. Looking back, I believe these were often patterns of seeking in another that which I was struggling to cultivate in myself.

Today the following attributes feel important to me for anyone, romantic or otherwise, that I invite into my life through relationship.

Faith (in some form) that looks like beliefs, humility, confidence, self worth, and joy. Curiosity that looks like learning, growing, openness, analysis, deep listening and communication. Love that looks like generosity, compassion, caring, kindness, and laughter toward oneself, others, and the world. Courage that looks like non attachment, adventure, and motive power.

Overall it feels like a revelation to be aware that relationships should be a source, not a drain, of energy in my life.

Where could you create more space for relationships that enrich your life?