Saying it without saying it

I like you I really like you I like you more than a friend I really really like you infinity times infinity to the moon and back and more I love how you make me feel I love who you are I love so many things about you I adore you I have to pinch myself Are you real? You send me songs that make me cry and laugh You remind me that life is meant to be celebrated You elicit profound feelings of love in my life You are a total babe You have brilliant intelligence and stunning wisdom You see me so deeply and compassionately that it makes it easier to love myself You are a source of light and joy You are an answered prayer You are the one for me I am falling in love I've never felt about anyone the way I feel about you I didn't think it possible for someone like you to exist I am enamored with your heart and spirit I look forward to when we say “I love you” instead of “bye” I want to share everything with you I admire your agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness Imagining a life with you warms my soul Being with you makes me smile from the inside out ...I love you!

When are you saying it without saying it?