Tension, choice, and freedom

From tension you came Pressing against the womb of mother Expanding her body to accommodate our growth Contractions preceed this world's most sacred release Your arrival as a newborn child

In tension you choose Who you are Integrate your impossibly improbable ancestory Find your true identity Navigate relationships of all shapes and sizes Function within the lanes of society Manifest your unique community

With tension you find pleasure Deep in breath calming the vagal nerve Deep out breath sharing your voice with the world around you Muscle tension precedes meaningful right action Energy contained in the form of you In the form of your joy Tension of two bodies pressing together in connection Contractions of many magnitudes as your physical form explodes

With tension you work Pushing purpose into activity Actively stewarding, organizing Putting energy toward an purpose Inner and outer progress toward beauty and truth in outcome

Intentionally in tension Freedom arrives

Where does your freedom await?