Transition, Transformation, and Remodeling

For some time I have been awaiting a suitable metaphor in order to describe transition and transformation in life. I came across one today I quite like.

Transition brings with it the need to remodel my life, not unlike remodeling my home. Transformation occurs at the depth of the remodel.

A fresh coat of paint is always nice, but when I get down to the framing of the walls I find myself engaged in far deeper change.

Forces of transition, whether at the start of the remodel or in the middle of it, make it clear when more depth is required. The depth of the change, provoked by the transition, is the actual transformation.

I recently planned to repaint a room, and then upon closer inspection found a slight rot in the wood that requires me to replace portions of a doorframe. Similarly, in my life I planned to get a new job and upon closer inspection found that it is time for a deeper change to my professional approach.

It should be said that if I start by tearing down all the walls then I am likely to be rebuilding that which was perfectly suitable without replacement.

Where are you painting a wall that is rotted beneath? How might you welcome the forces of transition so as to more authentically transform?